What I’ve Been Listening to This Summer

With the endless traffic in Toronto during my commutes to the office, and a few long cottage trips too, I’ve been turning to podcasts to make the time fly by. Here are some of my favourites, offering valuable insights and entertainment for marketers.

1. SmartLess: “Henry Winkler”

Henry Winkler joins Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett in a delightful conversation filled with laughter and wisdom. Winkler discusses his journey, offering insights into the power of perseverance and authenticity. Marketers can learn about the importance of storytelling and connecting with audiences on a personal level. Winkler’s anecdotes highlight how genuine engagement can build a lasting personal brand presence. Listen here.

2. Account-Based Marketing: “How to Improve Your ABM Strategies”

In this episode, experts dive into advanced account-based marketing strategies. They cover the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams, leveraging data for personalized campaigns, and measuring success. For B2B marketers, the discussion offers practical tips on refining ABM tactics to drive higher engagement and conversions. The episode emphasizes the need for precise targeting and the benefits of a cohesive team effort. Listen here.

3. The WARC Podcast: “Creative Effectiveness Lions”

This episode provides a deep dive into the Creative Effectiveness Lions at Cannes Lions 2023. It showcases winning campaigns that masterfully blend creativity with effectiveness. Marketers will find inspiration in the innovative approaches that led to successful outcomes. The episode underscores the significance of creativity in achieving measurable results, offering case studies and expert analysis. Listen here.

4. The WARC Podcast: “ESG and Marketing”

Explore the rising importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in modern marketing. This episode discusses how integrating ESG principles can build consumer trust and meet evolving expectations. It highlights examples of brands successfully incorporating ESG into their strategies, providing a roadmap for marketers to follow. The conversation sheds light on the growing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable practices. Listen here.

5. The WARC Podcast: “Does Marketing Move Share Prices?”

This episode explores the impact of marketing on a company’s stock valuation. Experts from academia and industry discuss how effective marketing can influence investor perceptions and share prices. Marketers will find valuable insights into the financial implications of their campaigns and the importance of demonstrating marketing ROI to stakeholders. Listen here.

6. Under the Influence with Terry O’Reilly: “The Dark Arts of Dark Marketing”

Terry O’Reilly delves into the world of dark marketing, where brands target specific audiences without broad awareness. This episode uncovers the tactics and ethical considerations behind these stealth campaigns. Marketers can learn about the potential and pitfalls of dark marketing, exploring how to effectively reach niche audiences while maintaining transparency. Listen here.

7. Under the Influence with Terry O’Reilly: “The Power of Negative Advertising”

This episode examines the controversial strategy of negative advertising. Terry O’Reilly explores when and how negative ads can be effective, providing historical examples and current trends. Marketers will gain insights into the psychological impact of negative messaging and how to balance it with positive branding efforts. The episode encourages a thoughtful approach to incorporating negative tactics. Listen here.

These podcasts have made my summer commutes more enjoyable and insightful. I hope you find them as valuable as I have!