Ageless Universe

We are on a mission to defeat ageism and help unlock the potential in an aging world, both in the workplace and in the work we produce.

To help with this, we created 3rd State, an agency collective comprised of Junction59, YouAreUNLTD, and Candela Strategies, leaders in aging and longevity strategy development, marketing communication and social purpose. Our first campaign together—Ageless Universe—was a fun, and somewhat jarring, way to inspire individuals in the marketing and advertising sectors to take the first step by committing to the Ageless Universe Pledge.

Let’s get real. Our population is aging. With phenomenal implications for economies and social policy everywhere. In 2015, there were more than 1.6 billion people in the world who were 50-plus. By 2050, this number is projected to double to nearly 3.2 billion people. Throughout the world, the growth of an aging population is having a transformative impact, economically and socially.

Our creative campaign takes a playful approach to show the absurdity of missed opportunities due to ageist views. We imagine a world where older superheroes, still wielding all their superpowers, are faced with ageist discrimination. Utilizing the iconic imagery of superheroes is a symbolic way of highlighting the resilience, wisdom, and value that aging adults contribute to society. There is superpower in an aging world. And we believe that together we can make an ageless universe a reality.

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