Real friendly. Real honest. Real estate.

Davids & DeLaat real estate in Niagara needed an awareness campaign in response to a local competitor’s aggressive out-of-home advertising strategy.

Since we couldn’t compete with the scale of the competition’s media buy, we created a campaign designed to stand out by avoiding all the clichés that real estate ads are known for – and that the competitor was using.

To that end, we focused on our client’s key differentiator – exceptional customer service – and created a series of out-of-home ads that showcased client testimonials, punctuated by a new tagline, “Real friendly. Real honest. Real estate.”

The creative, which is set to be refreshed seasonally, uses bold colours and graphic imagery, and avoids the extravagant claims, impossible sales guarantees, and overused visuals that have become par for the course in real estate advertising.


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