Silk’n Not Shaven Challenge

When it comes to removing unwanted hair with a razor, the endless cycle of nick-cut-scratch-repeat has always been a major pain point for women. And yet, after doing some market research, we found that 97% of people were still reaching for a razor on a regular basis.

So we set out to change that behaviour by offering Silk’n Flash&Go – an at-home hair removal device – as the only viable alternative.

The “Silk’n Not Shaven Challenge” was born. This national, bilingual campaign showed women that they could finally get rid of their razors forever, while also doing away with their unwanted hair – permanently.

The results of the new campaign were hair-raising:

  • Generated 2 million digital impressions
  • Attracted 340,000 new visitors to
  • Realized a 70% increase in mobile viewership
  • Enjoyed a 75% increase in Flash&Go unit sales at retail

Silk'n Not Shaven Online Video