TELUS Health Heroes Campaign

We were asked to create a brand awareness campaign that would position TELUS Health as more than just a health tech provider. So we created the TELUS Health Heroes campaign, which celebrates Canadian physicians and the heroic work they do each and every day.

Our insight was that physicians are too humble to shout about the incredible work they do, so why not have TELUS Health do the shouting for them.

To that end, we created an anthem video – an ode to physicians – that recognizes them as heroes, even if they won’t do so themselves. We then drove our audience to a landing page (by way of social posts and banners), where they could watch more heroic stories from their fellow physicians.


Our campaign launched on National Physicians Day. There were approximately 89,911 active physicians in Canada that we needed to reach. Our focus was awareness, and with a lean media budget of under $50k, we were able to directly target our audience across the country using LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and a specialized physician social networking website called The Rounds.

This collectively produced:

  • Over 1.3 million impressions
  • 56,000 completed hero-video views
  • 0.23% click through rate
  • 3,000 unique visits to the campaign landing page
TELUS Health celebrates Canadian physicians
TELUS Health Heroes – Dr. Dina Kulik
TELUS Health Heroes – Dr. Ryan Torrie

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