Canada Post was seeing a declining revenue trend in their direct mail division as marketers were shifting their spend to digital channels on the heels of the pandemic. Working in collaboration with our partners at The&Partnership, we needed to convince marketers that DM was sophisticated and more engaging than digital alone, all while building and nurturing a qualified leads pipeline.

Taking a journey back in time, the team recreated the nostalgic viewing experience and childlike wonder that comes with peering through a classic viewfinder (View-Master) device.

Uniquely analogue, unmistakably nostalgic, and not something that can truly be replicated digitally, the viewfinder DM engagement kit was deployed to a highly targeted, exclusive list of key customers prime for win back. Kicking off the first of 3 touchpoints, the kit contained a reel telling a fictional story of a Canadian business that had experienced success by leveraging Canada Post’s helpful tools.

In the second adaptation, the audience received an additional viewfinder reel that continued the story from the first touchpoint.

The final reel completing the series is still in development. The program has already achieved a 19:1 ROI, and counting…

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